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Thursday, February 8th, 2007. 5:17pm EDT
From: Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky



Dear Friend,

"The New PPC" is not a home study course... not a membership site... not a teleseminar series... and not software. 

So what is it?

A new way of doing PPC ("Pay Per Click") advertising that increases your results - without increasing your ad spends.

I can say this with confidence because I'm a Wall Street Business Analyst who worked for many large investment banks. While in that business, I discovered some interesting formulas for working with just the kind of data yielded by PPC campaigns.

What The Heck Is PPC?

When Google introduced Adwords, they forever changed advertising with something called Pay Per Click - or PPC.

In a nutshell:

You ever see those ads on the side of the page at Google? Ever notice how the ads seem related to what you're searching for? Ever clicked on one of those ads? 

That's Pay Per Click advertising -- or "PPC".

The advertiser pays Google for showing the ad -- a few pennies (or maybe more for "hot" terms like "wedding favors" or "Paris Hilton") each time someone clicks.  Simple, right?

Why This Changed Advertising

Suddenly you can do things that were never possible with radio, TV, or newspaper ads. Things like...

  • Get your ad in front of thousands of people just minutes after you write it.

  • PPC lets you generate instant traffic on demand.

  • Find your target market in a few hours... for less than the price of dinner at a good restaurant!

Google isn't the only place you can do PPC advertising, of course...but they are the biggest player in the game.

Winning the PPC Game: Optimizing Your Ads

These days, PPC can be very competitive, with hundreds of players in any given niche.

If you're good at the game, and know how to manage large numbers of keywords (the terms people type in when they're doing a search...and the words that trigger your ad to be shown), you can still rake in a small fortune, literally overnight.

The challenge is simple: learn to optimize your PPC campaigns to bring your swarms of traffic at the lowest possible cost per click. That's how you stay profitable.

Applying Wall Street Smarts to PPC

When I started using the Wall Street methods of analysis and decision-making in my PPC campaigns, even I was amazed by the results.

Bottom line: my business partner and I are creating videos that show you how to do exactly what we've been doing, and get the same results.

And the videos will be free. 

When you watch them, you'll learn...

  • How to use PPC to pump in floods of new traffic to your website.

  • Methods that cause a sudden and almost frightening increase in sales.

  • Secrets of opening up new markets and developing new customers automatically.

  • How to stop worrying about testing and tracking, and administration of your online marketing campaigns (easy ways to get this handled by someone else ).

  • The nearly fool-proof method that transforms your marketing from an expense into an investment... and maximizes ROI.

  • The easy way to know with precision where your traffic and sales are coming from, without fail, every time.

  • Simple ways to calculate costs, conversion ratios, revenues and ROI... by keyword, campaign, and/or search engine... this will change your business almost overnight if you do it.

We don't have anything to sell you right now.

These videos will show you exactly how we do all the stuff we listed above. 

The videos will show you how to do what we do, even if you never spend a penny with us in the future.

Does that sound good? 

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To Your Success,

Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky